Terms and Conditions

COVID Vaccination Policy

Birding Ushuaia requires all travelers to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to the departure of the tour.

Itinerary Changes

Trip and tours itineraries are planned and developed sometimes many months ahead of time. Occasionally Birding Ushuaia´s itinerary route, stops, and plans are subject to change related to anything outside Birding Ushuaia’s control, including but not limited to weather, safety concerns or road conditions. It is the leader responsibility to carefully consider and implement appropriate alternatives. Any additional costs incurred because of changes will be the responsibility of each individual participant.


Pricing and availability may change without notice. Birding Ushuaia reserves the right to charge you for any increase in trip costs. You agree that Birding Ushuaia is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any quotes, advertisements, including on our website, or information from third parties.


Failure to make payments on time will automatically put your booking at risk of cancellation. Please contact us in advance of your payment due date if you will be unable to meet this obligation. You agree to hold Birding Ushuaia harmless for any booking cancellation for late payment or declination of a credit card.

Travel Documents

You assume sole responsibility to confirm all requirements for passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry and/or travel requirements of all locations along your route and final destination. Your release Birding Ushuaia from responsibility for any and all damages incurred as a result of your failure to comply with applicable requirements.

Travel Insurance

As with all tours, Birding Ushuaia highly recommends purchasing Travel Insurance to cover your trip or tour.

Limitation of Liability

During the trip, minor medical problems can usually be treated, but because you are often far from medical facilities, you cannot expect immediate medical treatment or evacuation, even in cases of trauma.


Accommodations are defined as lodgings in living quarters afforded to travelers including, but not limited to, hotels, motels and lodges. Birding Ushuaia descriptions are based on its knowledge and participant comments, and Birding Ushuaia makes no guarantee its descriptions and photographs are an exact representation of the particular accommodations offered. If the accommodations sought are unavailable, Birding Ushuaia will do its best to reserve comparable accommodations.

Participant Cancellation Policies

Until the Final Payment due date, deposits are refundable except for a cancellation fee of USD200 on day tours or USD500 for multiple-day tours, per person, which can be applied toward another trip if reserved within six months of the cancelled trip´s departure date. Cancellations are non-transferrable. No refunds are given after the Final Payment due date.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

The terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by Birding Ushuaia at any time without notice, so it is essential that you review these each time you book a trip with Birding Ushuaia in case they have changed.

Non-Smoking Policy

Birding Ushuaia has a strick non-smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted at any time during our trips.